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General Military Links

Eric Johannsen Blog - This blog chronicles my path from a civilian job in computers, into the Army Reserve, and hopefully ultimately into flight school.

Jane's Internet Defence Glossary - defense related acronyms and abbreviations.

Megaterms: Military Terms and Acronyms - military terms and acronyms.

Military Alphabet Code - used in the military and in civil aviation, officially termed the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) code.

Military Ranks - Dave has compiled current military ranks for several countries.

Electronic Components - H&R ENTERPRISES Inc. is a wholesale distributor of integrated circuits, semiconductors, and other lesser electronic components.



The United States and the Iran-Iraq War - by S. Shalom. history leading to the conflict, how the U.S. sold arms to Iran, the U.S. presence in the Gulf.

Vietnam War

Vietnam - Yesterday and Today - history of the Vietnam War and discussion of current events related to the war.

Bibliography of the Vietnam War - organized by topic.

Wars for Viet Nam - R. Brigham's senior seminar on the Viet Nam War at Vassar College.

Vietnam War Index, The - information and links on key political and military figures of this war.

World War II

World at War: A History of WW II 1939-1945 - info, message board and a year-by-year timeline.

HyperWar: World War II on the World Wide Web - a timeline, information on various officers and battles, European and Pacific Theater coverage, and more.

BBC Online: World War II - resources include a timeline of the war as well as features on sabotage and espionage, the Holocaust, war mutinies, and more.

World War I

World War I - Trenches on the Web - contains reference materials and images.

World War I Document Archive - collection of material relating to World War 1, including original texts and images.

First World War Encyclopedia - created by teachers and students from several different countries.

First World War.com - dedicated to the history of the First World War. Includes the Western Front today, timeline, battles, chemical warfare, photographs, diaries, and biographies.

Great War, The - art, writings, and information about WWI.